Why partner with us?

Experience the convenience of fast charging stops for your electric vehicle! Our partnership with office campuses, restaurants, retail shopping centers, hotels, fuel stations, cinema halls, parking lot operators, and other stakeholders ensures you can take a break for coffee, food, and shopping while your EV charges. The typical charging time of 20 to 60 minutes gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy your journey. Drive electric and make your trips unique and enjoyable!

Welcome to our location partners program, where your business premises will be the top choice for electric car owners! We’ll take care of installing EV chargers in your customer car parks at absolutely no cost to you. Additionally, you have the exciting option to become our Franchise by investing in the charging infrastructure on your premises.

By joining us, you’ll attract countless travelers looking for a quick EV charge, turning them into your loyal customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out and be a unique destination for electric vehicle enthusiasts! Let’s make the switch to electric driving even more rewarding and convenient together.


Get a charging station for my home


Get charging stations for staffs and visitors


Electrify your fleet with our smart Charging Solutions


Attract EV owners with chargers in your premisses

Get a charging station for the visitors 


 Get a charging station for the       visitors and guests

Get a charging station for the patients and their family

 Get a charging station for the     visitors and land owners

 Get a charging station for the   teachers , students , staffs and   other visitors

Get a charging station for the  visitors 

 Get a charging station for the   visitors 

 Get a charging station for the visitors 

Become our location partner

If you are interested in having EV chargers at your location, Call +91 33 4601 5366

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