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Logo was established on 17th August, 2022 and has identified electric vehicle charging solutions by adopting a consultative approach with end-users. We are installing an electric vehicle charging system that is in accordance with local utility standards ensuring guaranteed performance over time with many operators in hospitality, residential and commercial sectors.

Among AC chargers for overnight charging, we have the 7-kilowatt, 22 kilowatt and 30 kilowatt, and higher range products are available in the following configurations: We are at the forefront of electric vehicle charging infrastructure offering a broad spectrum of EV charging solutions along with the software technology for remote monitoring and optimization of your EVSE Assets.

Our Mission

Promoting the adoption of green technology and contributing to the growth of society by providing sustainable energy solutions. Also, it aspires to play an instrumental role in reducing pollution in the country by encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles.

Our Vision

A good time to think beyond proof-of-concept solution and to make intelligent choices for the next generation electric drive technologies that give electric vehicles its rightful place in the transportation market.

Our Value

Innovation: Driving technology for greener tomorrow.
Sustainability: Empowering eco-friendly energy solutions.
Accessibility: Making EV charging hassle-free for all.
Customer-centric: Prioritizing user needs and satisfaction.
Environmental commitment: Reducing pollution through EV promotion.

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Why We Are

Mark of quality

Our company has been based in Kolkata, Kolkata. Our roots of expertise come from Engineering consultancy. EV-Charging is the mark of our quality and future innovation. With a blend of extensive experience in Engineering & Innovation, we offer you a hassle-free EV charger installation.

Made to perform

We are offering ABB, Chargeways and other best international brands EV charger in India, developed by our expert team of electrical engineers and designed to international standards, to meet the highest benchmarks of efficiency, speed and safety. Our engineers are qualified through training programs with ABB at their centres in the Bangalore to commission, troubleshoot and provide after-sales service for all-electric vehicle charging systems including AC & DC Chargers.

Models to match your need

EV charger products can charge electric vehicles ranging from Tata, Mahendra, MG, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen to passenger cars. EV charger offers a choice of three levels of electric car charging station installation in India with different charging times. Also available are EV chargers with single or multiple sockets. Single phase and three phase.

Models to match your need

Electric car charging stations, our solution is ideal for houses, hospitals, hotels, malls, Offices/ Commercial buildings, government institutions and parks, villas, and residential buildings.

Safety integrated into e-mobility

EV charging station services ensure quick troubleshooting and programming. Above everything else, we are concerned about your health and safety and take all necessary precautions.

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